We have over 30 years of combined franchise experience, including 20 years of working “in-house” for major franchisors, and with clients in a variety of industries. We had the privilege to work with an international franchisor who grew from 35 offices to almost 4,000 offices, bringing in over $200 million in franchise fees. We believe these experiences give us a distinct advantage in bringing both a legal and business viewpoint while representing your franchise company. Our goal is to provide quality services at competitive rates that assist, not hinder, your business growth. We invite you to contact us so we can discuss your franchise and trademark law needs and how we can solve them within your budget.

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Franchise Law

Our firm assists franchisors in structuring franchise programs and complying with state and federal franchise laws, and also franchisees to help them understand their rights, duties, and obligations in the franchise agreement.

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The best protection you can give your company’s brand name or slogan and the name you use on your products and services is a Federal Trademark Registration with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.

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“If I could give MORE stars, I would. Carl and Sada are AMAZING. We have been working with them for a few years and they continue to be prompt, thorough, and professional. Carl is the most responsive lawyer I have worked with to date. He almost ALWAYS responds the same day. The firm is well organized and never misses a deadline; they normally nudge us to move faster :). Wish I had more contacts who need these services. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.”

– Hana Bana 




“I had switch to the law offices of Carl Khalil & Sada Sheldon about five years ago. One of the best moves it did in the past five years. Both of them have exceeded my expectations on every level. If you are thinking of using them you will not regret it. I highly recommend them.”

– Dan Kaplan

Dustin Rodgers

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“I have used Sada and Carl for several years now, and they have been consistently great the entire time. I was new to franchising when we met, and they have been so patient with us never making us feel bad for asking the same question 10 times. I never feel like they are recommending anything we do not need. I trust them 100% on all of our legal needs. It is such a luxury to have such a competent, kind, patient, and fairly priced legal team. If you need franchise attorneys, I would HIGHLY recommend both Sada and Carl.”

– Gretchen



“We tried several law firms before we found The Law Offices of Carl Khalil and Sada Sheldon. Both Carl and Sada have been responsive to us, our processes and our needs. They have been wonderful to work with, they listen and they have helped us to navigate the complexities of franchising and trademark disputes. We have been extremely pleased with their services and if you try them I am confident you will be too.”

– J 

CLIENT Testimonials

We have been using Carl and Sada as our franchise attorneys since 2012 and could not be happier.  Three reasons that really stand out. The first is they have world class response time — often items I’ve sent items over in the afternoon and before I get in the office the next day there is a complete response. Second, having used multiple law firms, their bills have been the most reasonable. And this isn’t just that the hourly rate is competitive, it’s also because they seem to do more work with less billable hours compared to other firms we have used. Finally, they have been a really good source of counsel for us, just giving us sage advice. Carl has worked on the franchisor side for decades and has a great way of explaining what is important, what has risk and how he has seen similar things play out in his past. If I could give them a 6th star I would.   Micheal Debenham




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